Fully in Trend: site managers agree on the advantages of aluminum formwork

The reason is clear: the largest full element of the AT series – 900 x 2700 mm – weighs only 65 kg and can still shutter an area of almost 2.5 m2. Even complete ground plans can be manually formed.

The elements are manufactured from high-grade press-drawn aluminium and are 5 mm thick. This makes them strong enough for hoisting by crane as large-panel elements - so you can simultaneously position fixed composite elements for repeated work cycles.

All aluminium components have a light-grey powder coating. This reduces the adhesion of the concrete to the frame and makes it easier to keep elements clean. AT ele­ments ­require only two fastening points at the top of each ele­ment.

Joined with two quick-fastening clamps per unit, AT elements align automatically and can withstand green cement pressures of up to 65 kN/m2. The light­weight AT elements can be combined with any elment from other FEBE Systems. For you, the customer, this means that you can use any SL and XT elements you have in stock if the frame is not wide enough.

The Benefits

  • Only 65 kg per 2.5 m²
  • Wide range of elements for more flexibility in all ground plans
  • Rapid manual set-up onsite
  • Aluminum formwork basement with a great future
  • No crane required
  • Ideal combination with XT systems via
  • universally compatible accessories

At a glance

Aluminium Formwork
Frame thickness: 12 cm
Material: Aluminium, powder-coated
Union between two elements: 2 Quick-fastening clamps
Green concrete pressure: 65 kN/m²
Shuttering time: 0.3 h/m²